CLUB AGM – Friday 15th Nov 2019

Clitheroe Dolphins Annual General Meeting takes place at Clitheroe FC on Friday November the 15th starting at 7:00pm

The AGM is open to all parents and members, and we actively encouraging people interested in finding out how the club runs or who are wanting to get involved in helping behind the scenes to come and attend the meeting.

There are a number of roles up for re-election/appointment and training will be given:

  • Chair – responsible for overseeing the running of the club
  • Treasurer – responsible for overseeing the finances of the club
  • Club Secretary – responsible for overseeing the administrative tasks of the club
  • Volunteer & Coach Co-ordinator – manages the volunteers and works with the head coach coordinating coaches for sessions
  • Membership Secretary – administers club and ASA membership
  • ASA Swim 21 Co-ordinator – ensures the club remains compliant with ASA Swim 21 accreditation
  • Media Officer – manages the website/press releases/social media
  • Fundraising Officer – responsible for grants, application and recruiting sponsors
  • Club Welfare Officers – point of contact for welfare issues
  • Competition Secretary – responsible for managing gala entries
  • Officials Co-ordinator – responsible for ensuring the club has offcials at events
  • Micro League Manager – responsible for admin relating to the Microleague team
  • Swim League Manager – responsible for admin relating to the Swim league team
  • Social Secretary – responsible for arranging club social events
  • Club Stats Manager – manages club and swimmer performance record keeping
  • Swimmer Reps x 2 – representatives of the swimmers presenting swimmers issues and opinions to the committee

The club is administered totally by volunteers, so the more people wanting to get involved means the more the club can move on to achieve. There are roles that can fit all personal circumstances so even if you can only spare an hour or two each week, or maybe you have a creative flair, or have always considered yourself to be a skilled wordsmith there are roles for you.

If you would like to know more email [email protected] or [email protected]

Entries open for Winsford Gala Saturday 7th December

As part of the club’s gala schedule Mike has targeted the Winsford Swimming Club Christmas Development Meet taking place on Saturday Dec 7th.

As it is a gala with no lower end entry times it is an ideal meet for newer and older swimmers alike. It is a perfect gala for those starting out with Dolphins looking to take their first steps into competitive swimming, whilst swimming alongside the older more experienced swimmers who can help and guide the newer Dolphins through the experience.

It is also a great opportunity for those chasing last minute County times to qualify for the Lancashire Championships in January.

Information for the gala can be found at the link below:

Entries for this gala are direct with the organisers and not through the usual route via. However we would ask if you are entering this gala, that you email [email protected] so we can gauge numbers and monitor entries. Entry to the gala is done via the following link:

As it is Christmas and we will be in the party mood we are looking to run transport to this event if there is enough interest. This will come at an extra cost yet to be determined.

For any parents or swimmers with questions about the gala entry process or just wanting to know more about galas in general, members of the committee will be at the Dolphins/D3 session at Ribblesdale on Monday (30th Sept), the Wednesday (2nd Oct) D3 session at Stonyhurst and the Thursday Dolphins (3rd Oct) session at Ribblesdale. They will be more than happy to answer questions or help in the entry process. As we are a competitive swimming club we are keen for our swimmers to enter galas where they have the chance.

Due to this weekends North Lancashire Championships taking place at Palatine Leisure Centre and several swimmers in attending the Clitheroe Grammar entrance exam, we are reluctantly cancelling Saturday morning (28th Sept) Land and Pool training sessions at Roefield and Ribblesdale respectively.

Warm up and schedule information for the North Lancashire Championships – 28th & 29th Sept 2019

This weekend sees the first weekend of the North Lancs Level 2 Championships. The event takes place at Blackpool’s Palatine Leisure Centre.

The Warm and Schedule for both days are below. Good luck to all swimmers taking part.

Session 1 – Saturday 28th Sept  – Warm Ups 8.30am
101 Male 400 Freestyle HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov
102 Female 50 Backstroke HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
103 Male 100 I.M. HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
104 Female 100 Butterfly HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
105 Male 200 Backstroke HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov
106 Female 50 Backstroke FINAL OPEN
107 Male  100 I.M FINAL OPEN
108 Female 100 Butterfly FINAL OPEN
Session 2 – Saturday 28th Sept  – Warm Ups  12:45pm
201 Female 50 Breaststroke HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
202 Male 50 Freestyle HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
203 Female 100 Freestyle HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
204 Male 200 Butterfly HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov 105
205 Female 200 I.M. HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov
206 Male 100 Backstroke HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
207 Female 50 Breaststroke FINAL OPEN
208 Male 50 Freestyle FINAL OPEN
209 Female 100 Freestyle FINAL OPEN
210 Male 100 Backstroke FINAL OPEN
Session 3 – Sunday 29th Sept  – Warm Ups 8.30am
301 Female 400 Freestyle HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov
302 Male 50 Backstroke HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
303 Female 100 I.M. HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
304 Male 100 Butterfly HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
305 Female 200 Backstroke HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov
306 Male 50 Backstroke FINAL OPEN
307 Female 100 I.M FINAL OPEN
308 Male 100 Butterfly FINAL OPEN
Session 4 – Sunday 29th Sept  – Warm Ups 1pm
401 Male 50 Breaststroke HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
402 Female 50 Freestyle HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
403 Male 100 Freestyle HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
404 Female 200 Butterfly HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov 105
405 Male 200 I.M. HDW Age 9 – 15/Ov
406 Female 100 Backstroke HEATS Age 9 – 15/Ov
407 Male 50 Breaststroke FINAL OPEN
408 Female 50 Freestyle FINAL OPEN
409 Male 100 Freestyle FINAL OPEN
410 Female 100 Backstroke FINAL OPEN

Blackpool Lights – Entry Details Released

The entry details for the 2019 Blackpool Lights gala have been released. The event takes place on Sat 26th and Sun 27th of October at Palatine Leisure centre, Blackpool.

The event has lower and upper qualifying times so swimmers need to ensure their times fall within these bandings. Entries from swimmers with times below the lower times or above the upper times will be rejected.

As this is a popular gala we require all entries to be submitted to Seamus by Friday 31st August (a week before the official opening date ) to ensure we have the necessary admin completed. Entries to the gala are on a first come first served basis so we are looking to submit Dolphin entries as soon as the window opens.

Consideration times, entry forms and details can be found HERE on the ‘Forthcoming Galas’ page – (Lights is the second gala on the list!)

As per the advice in the newsletter Mike is keen swimmers do not over compete, therefore he is advising swimmers doing a number of events at the North Lancs level 2 meet earlier in the month to not enter Lights.


Due to reduced pool and coach availability prior to our summer break we need to make the following changes:

Sun 21stTraining as normal
Mon 22ndTraining as normal
Tue 23rd Training as normal
Wed 24thStonyhurst Closed due to a gala.
Training for Stonyhurst swimmers now at
Daisyfield Pool in Blackburn 7.45 – 9.30pm
Thurs 25thRibblesdale training (Dolphins) – on as normal.
Stonyhurst Closed due to a gala.
All Stonyhurst training is CANCELLED
Fri 26thTraining as normal Stonyhurst
Invite extended to all D2 swimmers for this session
Sat 27th Both Pool and Land training are CANCELLED

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but these changes are due to matters outside of our control.