Young Dolphins put up a brave fight

Sunday saw our youngest Dolphins travel to Merseyside to take on Prescot, Pioneer’79, and Blackburn in our second microleague gala of the season. The inexperienced team made up of swimmers from across all of our training groups put on a fantastic show as they came a close 4th in the meet. The squad featured a number of swimmers making their first ever appearance at a gala and they all swam incredibly well with a lot of swimmers recording personal best times. Head coach Mike Robinson remarked on how noticeable the improvement had been from all members of the team compared to the first round swim a month and a half ago. With 2 more microleague meets on the horizon, our plucky Dolphins don’t have long to wait before they get the chance to show what they can do. The next meet takes place at Leyland Leisure Centre on Sunday the 2nd June 2019. The team for the gala will be announced in the coming days.

Final scores : Pioneer ’79 – 139pts, Prescot – 132 pts, Blackburn – 106pts, Clitheroe – 98pts

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