Team Protocol

When swimming competitively for Clitheroe Dolphins we ask all of our swimmers to adhere to our team protocol which is in place to ensure events run smoothly and enable the swimmers to compete to the best of their abilities. Whether it be a team or individual gala we expect all swimmer to abide to the following guidelines.

Please arrive at the pool at least 15 minutes before the start of warm–up. Coaches need to hand in a withdrawal form or a team sheet prior to the start of the meet.

Come Prepared!  Bring all your equipment you need for the event! Be sure to pack the following in your swim bag and try to label items as many people’s things look alike:

  • Costume/ Race suit
  • Team cap
  • Goggles (and spares)
  • 2 full water bottles
  • Towels(one for after racing and one for getting dressed after the event)
  • Bring appropriate drinks and snacks.

Note: Keep your swim bag with you on the pool deck, NOT in the stands or in the locker rooms.

Always give your best in every race – keep your goals in mind and always work towards them.

Points make prizes so swim hard for the team. In team events, some swimmers will do more races than others and you might not be asked to swim your favourite / best stroke.

Know what events you are swimming and be ready to swim FAST! This helps you prepare especially in warm ups (The coaches try to ensure each swimmer is ready but ultimately it is each swimmer’s responsibility to know where they should be and when they should be there.)

All swimmers must talk to their coach after every race to get their race feedback!

No leaving poolside and visiting the spectator stands without PERMISSION from Coach. Swimmers are to inform the coach when they are leaving the event.

Be positive, encouraging, and supportive to your team mates.

Always be respectful to the coaches, officials, poolside helpers and everyone else –if they hadn’t given up their time, you wouldn’t have this opportunity.

All Dolphins are expected to:

  • Display good sportsmanship
  • Be respectful to others
  • Leave our area as clean as we found it!
  • Cheer and be excited for your team-mates!
  • Most importantly, have fun