D2 Squad 

The coaching team have agreed the criteria requirements for the D2 Squad.

The coaches will continue to use each criterion to help them decide which squad each swimmer will swim / train in. The coaching team will continually assess swimmers.  Attendance and competition performances will be monitored and recorded and this will form part of the decision making process.


 All swimmers must be a competing 9 yr old and above.

  • All swimmers MUST be aspiring to compete at the North Lancs District and beyond.
  • All swimmers must attend a minimum of 3 water sessions out of 5, per week 60% of monthly sessions being the minimum
  • Saturday morning is compulsory unless authorised by the Head Coach.
  • All swimmers must compete in team and open competition if selected.
  • All swimmers must have good all round technical abilities and skills.
  • All swimmers must have the ability to cope with training demands of the squad.
  • All swimmers must behave and respect the coaching staff at all times.
  • All squad movement and entry acceptance is at the discretion of the head coach and coaching team.

Equipment required:

Kick board, Pull Buoy, Short Fins, Finger Paddles, Snorkel, Thera Band (white beige/ yellow), Skipping Rope, Drinks Bottle x 2


Mike Robinson (Head Coach)

Hadley Whitehead

Becca Case

D2 – Sessions are split between Ribblesdale and Stonyhurst Pool
Sunday    7.00pm to 8.00pm   Venue – Ribblesdale Pool
Tuesday    7.00pm to 9.00pm   Venue – Stonyhurst Pool
Wednesday    7.00pm to 9.00pm   Venue – Stonyhurst Pool
Thursday    7.00pm to 9.00pm   Venue – Stonyhurst Pool
Saturday    7.00am to 9.45am   Venue – Ribblesdale Pool 7-8.30, Roefield Gym 8.45-9.45)