Training FAQ’s

What training equipment do I need and what are they all for?

Kickboard –a board (usually foam) held to maintain buoyancy whilst isolating the legs to kick.

Pull-Buoy –a flotation device held between legs whilst swimming. It keeps the legs afloat without having to kick, thus isolating and allocating the work to the arms. Can also be used as a less-buoyant and therefore more difficult to use kickboard.

Hand Paddles –specially designed plastic paddles which are strapped to the hands to increase the demands on the arm-strength/power needed to swim (available in junior/senior sizes.

Finger Paddles –similar to hand paddles but smaller and strapped to the fingers to correct and strengthen strokes, increasing sensory awareness for proper technique.

Flippers (Fins) –provides stability for the upper-body part of the stroke working best on short-rest repeats, drills and sprint sets.

Band –a rubber band device worn around the ankles to hold the legs together. Less buoyant than a pull-buoy it allocates the work to the arms whilst increasing resistance.

Drink Bottle(s) –swimmers should bring a drinks bottle onto poolside at each training session, and should drink small but frequent quantities throughout the session which is essential to prevent de-hydration. Water or diluted cordial drinks are best. Avoid fizzy drinks, which will bloat the stomach.