As with all clubs we charge our members a monthly membership fee, however we always strive to keep these as low as possible. The fees you pay are used to cover our running costs such as pool hire and coaching costs.

Please find below the fees for all squads as of the 1st of January 2019. The fees for each squad are payable by standing order on the 1st of each month.

  • Dolphins  – £30 per month
  • D3  – £40 per month
  • D2 –  £45 per month
  • D1 – £50 per month
  • Swim Fit  – £30 per month

In addition to our monthly fees we also have an annual ASA membership fee which is due in January each year.

These fees are paid over to the ASA and cover the costs of registering swimmers, and also insurance for the swimmers and coaches whilst they are competing and training.

  • ASA Cat 1 (any child born 2011 or later) – £16
  • ASA Cat 2 (any child born 2010 or earlier) – £34

Additionally we charge club membership fee to cover club administration costs. Our club membership is still one of the cheapest in the region.