Blackpool Lights – Entry Details Released

The entry details for the 2019 Blackpool Lights gala have been released. The event takes place on Sat 26th and Sun 27th of October at Palatine Leisure centre, Blackpool.

The event has lower and upper qualifying times so swimmers need to ensure their times fall within these bandings. Entries from swimmers with times below the lower times or above the upper times will be rejected.

As this is a popular gala we require all entries to be submitted to Seamus by Friday 31st August (a week before the official opening date ) to ensure we have the necessary admin completed. Entries to the gala are on a first come first served basis so we are looking to submit Dolphin entries as soon as the window opens.

Consideration times, entry forms and details can be found HERE on the ‘Forthcoming Galas’ page – (Lights is the second gala on the list!)

As per the advice in the newsletter Mike is keen swimmers do not over compete, therefore he is advising swimmers doing a number of events at the North Lancs level 2 meet earlier in the month to not enter Lights.

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