Arena League

The Arena League is a national club swimming competition that takes place in the Autumn and Winter. The national league comprises 6 regions – North West, East Midlands, London, Western, South and West Midlands.

Dolphins compete in the North West Regional League with the winners of each of the regional leagues advances to the national final.

The North West league competition comprises four divisions , the premier division comprises 16 teams, Division 1 – 18 teams, Division 2 – 14 teams and a Minor Division of 6 teams. Points are awarded per race with the winner being awarded 8 pts, 2nd gets 7pts and so on down to last place who receive 1pt, disqualified swimmers receive no points. Points are accumulated and carried over from round to round with the final league table being decided by the total number of points. The top team in the premier division advances to the national competition. There is promotion and relegation between the divisions.

More information about Clitheroe Dolphins 2019 Arena League Campaign will appear when we have it.

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